Sunday, October 10, 2010

Massive inflation coming?

I don't feel like posting the links, but combine: 1) news that foreclosures have been halted in most states, and 2) news that there may be $2 trillion+ of quantitative easing coming soon. I think there is a plan to flood the system with cheap dollars in hopes that the real estate market may recover and also to help the jobless. And to prevent a stock market collapse.

It isn't going to work. While the sentiment may be good, it doesn't justify the actions taken. Is stealing ok if I give the money to a homeless shelter? No. The flood of cheap money will go into the pockets of just a few well-connected people who will just dump it in the stock market and won't buy real estate. It won't help the homeless and jobless at all.

And it will cause a little inflation, but will increase the deficit even more because of the automatic cost-of-living increases and higher interest rates and higher oil prices. And once inflation starts, it takes on a life of its own.

While this action alone won't cause the type of collapse that I have been warning about on this blog, I think it will speed up the process.

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