Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Treasury Rates

The yield on 1-month T-bills reached 0.38% today.  And the key benchmark rate of 10 years reached 2.37%.  And the 30-year bonds are at 3.02%.

Query: when was the last time the yield was this high? 

On 10/29/2008, the rate for the one-month was at 0.41%.  So this is a record since that time, just over 8 years ago.
On 7/14/2015, the rate for the ten-year was at 2.41%. 
On 12/30/2015, the rate for the thirty-year was 3.04%.  The highest rate during 2015 for the 30-year was 3.25% on 6/26/2015.  Before that, on 1/3/2014 the rate was 3.93%.

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