Monday, December 5, 2016

Largest number which is not prime

This is interesting.  The largest prime number is: 2^74207281-1, which was announced just last month.  It has 22 million digits in base 10.

The largest number which has been factored is:
2^383858863-1 which is divisible by 2385654186158054311

Someone is fascinated with the number 2^383838383-1, which has no factors below 2^83. This appears to be the highest probably prime number.

A lot of work is being done on primes in the range of 2^332,192,831 to 2^332,399,999.  If one of these was proven prime, it would have 100 million digits in base 10.

The number 2^999999893-1 has been factored.  It is divisible by 5999999359. That is the highest factored number listed in the Mersenne database, so it almost certainly is the biggest factored number.

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