Tuesday, October 11, 2016

National Debt Jumps

Source:  www.treasurydirect.gov

The national debt increased every day from 9/28/16 to 10/6/16, increasing $168 billion during those 6 business days.  Also, note that the total debt on 10/6/16 was $1.5 trillion more than it was on 10/6/15 (although this is a little unfair to compare because there was a debt freeze at the time in 2015).   I thought the deficit was only about $500 billion per year now. The total debt should hit $20 trillion about 2/1/17, right after the new president is sworn in.  And we are still in an economic boom, supposedly.  Just wait until the next recession - the debt will soar.

I haven't seen any mention of this in the press.  Who cares, you say, it could reach infinity, we don't need to pay it back.  Well, if it doesn't matter, then why don't you give me some of it?  And why are you asking me to pay taxes if you don't need it?

Update 10/12/16:  I'm not going to screenshot it, but the debt went up AGAIN, increasing another $6 billion since 10/6.  Intragovernmental holdings are at $5.502 trillion, and total debt is at $19.694 trillion as of Oct. 11.  $19.7 trillion, here we come, any day at this rate.

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