Thursday, October 13, 2016

Subway on a diet

This is part of my series on eating at a fast food restaurant while on a diet.

Subway is very difficult because they have so much bread and because of a discount for getting a footlong. And because their salads are relatively expensive and unsatisfactory.  But here is my dinner today:

Italian BMT on Parmesian Oregeno bread (6-inch, half the bread, with cheese). I added swiss cheese (1 oz, I think), mustard and mayonaise.  This has 582 calories, 34g fat, 46g carbs (3g fiber), 23g protein.  Removing the 1/2 the bread saves an estimated 93 calories, 1g fat, 20g carbs (1g fiber) and 1g protein.  Total: 489 calories, 33g fat, 26g carbs (2g fiber), 22g protein. Total points: 38.  Cost with tax $3.78.

This was very delicious, and bigger than I remembered a 6-inch sub being.  My only complaint is the the meat was a little sparse.  I could have ordered it double the meat.

Verdict:  This passes the test.  But I won't give it flying colors.  Because if you think it is ok to eat at Subway, you will order a footlong and then eat a ginormous amount of calories and then wonder why you are getting fat. You will say to yourself that you will only eat half and eat the other half later, but you will eat the whole thing.  If you are going to try to attempt this experiment, DO NOT ORDER A FOOTLONG.  Getting double meat on a 6-inch would be a much better solution.

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