Saturday, February 11, 2012

Equatorial Guinea can defend itself

"One of the richest countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea, is rapidly expanding its naval power. The fleet of the 600,000-strong country will be larger than that of 160 million-strong Nigeria. Is Africa preparing for a major war?

A few years ago the country's "Air Force" virtually existed only on paper and included only civil and trainer aircraft. However, more recently it purchased two batches of Ka-29 and Mi-26, and four Russian Su-25, as well as five attack helicopters Mi-24 and one Mi-17 helicopter.

The President did not forget about the army and acquired service mortars, Russian and Chinese artillery, and three older T-55 as well as approximately 40 different armored vehicles (BMP-1, BTR-152, and a small number of BRDM).

In addition to this serious for such a small country like Equatorial Guinea armored park, in 2006 by order of the current President its soldiers have carried out an explicit act of piracy, capturing 15 Belgian APCs Pandur on their way to perform peacekeeping tasks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a result, despite the small size of its armed forces (2,500 people) in a purely technical sense it left behind most of its neighbors."

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