Friday, February 24, 2012

NASA planning reality show

Since NASA has almost totally shut down its space program with the exception of a money-sucking giant telescope, it is focused on studies of humans on earth eating space food.

"NASA wants volunteers for their four-month simulation to Mars. But instead of conducting tests on confinement and psychological stress, NASA just want to study your tastebuds. ...  There are a few catches, of course. Among others, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in either math, engineering, biological or physical sciences, or computer science; you have to be a non-smoker; you have to speak English. Then if you are chosen, you have to live astronaut-style: in a small enclosure with strangers, with limited showers, writing daily reports. But in addition to the free food, those chosen for the study will be given cooking classes and taught to work in space’s microgravity environment. They will also earn round-trip travel to Hawaii, lodgings…and $5,000. There also seems to be a lot of down-time in this study. But hey, you won’t be slacking. You’ll be hanging out…for science!"
--ahh, forgot the link 

Update:  The test site will be in Hawaii!

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