Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The eat one meal per day diet

There are a lot of very strong opinions about diets.  I just want to chime in on my current thinking.  I will call it the E1M diet.

1.  The E1M diet is very easy to follow.  No calorie counting (obviously don't totally pig out), no restrictions on carbs or fat.  The only restriction is that you don't eat at all, not even snacks, except for at the designated time. 
2.  I don't believe that it will slow metabolism. A lowered metabolism only occurs when the body enters starvation mode, which takes at least 3 days of total fasting.
3.  The way to do this is to pick 1 time per day to eat a full meal.  Breakfast is probably best, although lunch or mid-afternoon might also be a good time. A good meal might be a footlong sub, with no chips and a diet soda.

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