Sunday, March 18, 2012

How a fascist coup almost overthrew Roosevelt in 1933


A giant army of 500,000 veterans and unemployed men were to march on Washington under the command of Smedley Butler and overthrow Roosevelt and set up a fascist dictatorship allied with Hitler and Mussolini.  The masterminds of this were unnamed financiers unhappy with Roosevelt.  However, Butler refused to go along and exposed the plot.  (See: Business Plot). 

See also: The Plot to Seize the White House
"No false modesty prevented Butler from recognizing that he was perhaps the best-known, and certainly the most popular and charismatic, military figure in the United States. He also suited the plotters' plans perfectly because he was noted for a brilliant, hard-hitting style of oratory that, they undoubtedly reasoned, could be put to the service of demagoguery in the same spell binding way Hitler and Mussolini had magnetized millions into following them. His rasping voice and fiery spirit captured audiences and held them hypnotized."

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