Monday, April 14, 2014

TBTF Bond Fund

Here is my chart of the too-big-to-fail corporate bonds, with only 4 on the list.  There aren't really that many companies that have more than $100 billion in bonds and are at least A rated.  I have excluded Bank of America [BAC] ($204.3 bn), Verizon [VZ] ($283.5 bn), Goldman Sachs [GS] ($481.5 bn), and Morgan Stanley [MS] ($508.2 bn) because they are BBB rated.  Also AIG has $88.4 bn and Capital One (COF) has $85 bn.

WFC Wells Fargo $1,411,445.30
C Citigroup $682,108.20
JPM JP Morgan Chase $440,582.10
GE General Electric $188,809.60


I will think about this some more.  Somehow I suspect that if Goldman Sachs were facing problems, they would be bailed out.  The numbers for Verizon are screwy, but I think the rest of these could be in a bond fund of more than $3 trillion.

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