Thursday, May 18, 2017

Did the System collapse? Not yet.

I just ran across the website  The premises here (and I am adding my own take on this) is that:
1.  Only gold (and to a lesser degree, silver) is really money.  
2. Bitcoin may act as a proxy for gold because it is easy to buy, sell, and transfer bitcoin as opposed to gold despite bitcoin's technical problem.  (The technical problems are that the blocksize is limited, which will require a hard fork to fix and that some other cryptocurrency could easily replace bitcoin.  I will just say that for the short-term (up to 2 years), these will not affect bitcoin).
3.  The almighty US dollar is a creation of the Federal Reserve and is accepted by the general public only insofar as it holds its own against gold.  As soon as the dollar starts to drop against gold, then more money will trickle, then flood, into gold in a vicious cycle.
4.  The dollar obviously is heavily manipulated with trillions of dollars created out of thin air, not just by the Fed but by other central banks around the world.
5.  In order for the dollar to maintain its value against gold, then gold has to be artificially suppressed in the Comex and other western gold and silver markets.  
6.  China now has their own gold markets, in which gold can be purchased for renminbi.  The difference is that settlement has to be made in gold, and not in currency.  The markets are the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange.  See also "Is China Intentionally Making It Harder To Manipulate Gold"?
7.  This is a very "soft" attack on the western financial facade.  This East is calling the West's bluff.  The System is now under attack, but this is not a brutal attack.  This is death by 1000 duck bites.  The attack is that the price of gold is too low in dollar terms, and the East is slowly buying it up.  Both the attacker and the victim have an interest in maintaining appearances.
8.  The price of gold must rise, but the West won't raise it. "If the West were to raise the price of gold, it would kill the dollar completely as it would prematurely instigate the inevitable mother of all safe haven panics."
9.  The East won't raise the price either, except by setting the price a few dollars more than in the west. "If the East were to raise the price of gold, it would drain the West's gold reserves due to arbitrage. This would expose the West's fake gold market and kill the dollar. Doing this prematurely means the East could no longer buy gold for themselves at heavily undervalued prices for their post-collapse monetary dominance."
10.  This slow-mo attack is going on right now.  "The eventual endgame is that the price of gold skyrockets and the dollar permanently collapses along with the global banking system and modern society as we know it. Black Friday will be everyday as the masses murder each other for a peach pit. This is sure to happen anytime between now and the end of 2018."
11.  Bitcoin is in a bubble now and the price is going straight up.  But it may not be a bubble, instead it may be a harbinger of the dollar's collapse.  When did it start? On 3/23/17, bitcoin was at $942.  Yesterday (5/18/17) it is at $1807.  The price of bitcoin has almost doubled since March.  
12.  The attempted impeachment of Trump will speed the process along.  Trump is the only thing keeping the system together now.  If Trump is impeached, then the whole thing will fall apart.
12. Let's have some fun and pick a date.  The seven-year cycle theory is disproved, but still a date around Rosh Hashanah is reasonable.   So here it is, Friday, September 11, 2018.  The system will collapse on that date.  

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