Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Millenium Bonds and Edmond Safra

Safra Republic Holding SA issued a 1,000 year bond in 1997.

CHICAGO, Oct. 8 [1997] /PRNewswire/ -- Duff Phelps Credit Rating Co. (DCR) has
 rated the $250 million subordinated notes of Safra Republic Holdings S.A.
 (Safra Republic) 'AA' (Double-A).  These notes are due October 15, 2997, have
 a coupon of 7.125 percent and were priced at 99.161 for a yield to maturity of
 7.185 percent.

Safra Republic Holdings announced that in October it will issue $250 million of millennium bonds that mature in 2997.  Safra Republic Holdings SA (SRH) $250 million issue of 7.125% subordinated debentures, due October 15, 2997, is rated 'AA-' by Fitch.

In 1999, Edmond Safra was murdered.  Billionaire banker Edmond Safra was killed early Friday [December 3, 1999] when fire engulfed his Monte Carlo home, following an attack by two hooded men, according to Monaco's official press office.

See also "The strange case of Edmond Safra".
Billionaire Safra key to HSBC Swiss bank origins

How bizarre.  But I still want to know about the millenium bonds.  Were they bought out by HSBC, or are they still outstanding?  If so, who owns them?

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