Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Polish woman travels solo to the South Pole

 In Nov 2016 to Jan 2017, Malgorzata Wojtaczka, a Polish woman, supposedly traveled 1300 km (808 miles), by herself, from the Hercules Inlet in Antarctica to the South Pole in 69 days.  She pulled a 100-kg (220 lb) sled in -30 degree Celsius (-22 F) weather.  The pack she was hauling included a tent, communications equipment, and a microwave oven.  By the way, her elevation went from sea level to 2800m/9300 ft.
Wojtaczka set off on 18 November 2016 (after two days of acclimatization) from the edge of the continent, from the Ronne glacier flowing into the Weddell Sea. On the last day she marched non-stop at minus 34 degrees Celsius. She previously reported that she has remaining food supplies to last her a maximum of two days.  "I’m nervous if I’ll make it in time. I am thoroughly tired. The air temperature is below minus 30 deg. C, and this also quickly saps my energy. Also the wind, during the night at 5 degrees on the Beaufort scale (approx. 40 km / h), in the morning around 4 B. This combination makes the perceived temperature feel like minus 46 degrees Celsius. There is still a lot of fresh snow. I don’t manage to go faster than about a kilometer an hour. Now that the sweets have run out, during the breaks I eat warm cereal from my thermos. It gives me energy,” she relayed.  The Wrocław-native hauled a 100-kg heavy sledge packed with equipment, food and special fuel for use in her microwave, so-called white gas (normal fuel cannot be used in these latitudes, because it freezes). She ended their march in the last hours of activity of the Antarctic Base ALE (Antarctic Logistics Expeditions) in the South Pole.  https://poland.pl/sport/sport-champions/malgorzata-wojtaczka-south-pole/

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