Monday, March 31, 2014

Samsung Profile

Company name:  Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Stock symbol: SSNLF
Headquarters:  Suwon, South Korea
Industry:  Electronics
Stock price (as of 3/28/2014): 1,220.0
Share Outstanding:  210.3 mn
Market Cap:  256,566 mn 
Annual Revenues:  268.8 bn
Annual Profits: 30.1 bn
Assets: 590 bn
Rank on the Fortune 500 List: 14
Percent stock ownership by US citizens: 35%

I hadn't previously included Samsung on my list of Global 30 stocks because it wasn't listed on the NYSE.  Also it doesn't seem to be traded very frequently.  Nevertheless, a large part of the company is owned by mutual funds.  And it did increase in value during the 4th quarter of 2013.  So I will add it the next time I update it, in a couple of days.

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