Thursday, September 22, 2016

Double Cheeseburger and Chicken Salad for dinner

I think that a small double cheeseburger and premium salad at a fast food restaurant is the perfect dinner.

Here is what you get at Wendy's:

Double Stack (hold the bun):  390 calories, 21g fat, 25g protein, 25g carbs.  No ketchup. Taking off the bun saves about 20g of carbs/80 calories, so call it 310 calories.  Cost $1.89.
Power Mediterranean Chick Salad: 450 calories, 15g fat, 40g protein, 42g carbs.  No croutons, no dressing.  The Balsamic Light Vinaigrette dressing has 6g of carbs from high fructose corn syrup, so don't use it.  It is unclear if the calorie count includes the dressing.  Cost $6.69.
Total:  760 calories, 36g fat, 65g protein, 47g carbs. Cost with tax $9.27.

Verdict:  delicious and filling, although I am triggered by the carbs and that makes me still hungry.  Would do again.

Next up:  McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-a, Subway, Carl's Jr., Sonic, Good Times, Jack in the Box, Smashburger, Noodles & Co.

Update:  I have changed my mind.  The salad has too many carbs, even without the dressing.  This is not a good choice for a diet.  All of their salads have the same problem, even the side salads.  I guess you could take off the crouton and not have the dressing.  But then we would have to recompare all the other restaurants side salads.

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