Monday, September 26, 2016

Stock Market Crash this week expected

I would be very happy to be wrong, but I expect a stock market crash of at least 5% this week, probably more, (possibly including panic selling blood-in-the-streets type of stuff) for multiple reasons, some of which I have explained before.  If nothing happens by October 4, I will happily eat crow.  So let's watch this train wreck in action, shall we?  I will update this entry for the next week.  These are closing entries.

Thursday, Sept. 22.  Dow 18392.  S+P 2177
Friday, Sept. 23. Dow 18261 (down 131).  S+P 2165 (down 12).

Monday, Sept 26. Dow 18095 (down 166). S+P 2146 (down 21).
Tuesday, Sept 27, Dow 18228 (up 133). S+P  2160 (up 14).
Wednesday, Sept 28, Dow 18339 (up 111). S+P 2171 (up 11).  This is almost back to where it was last Thursday.
Thursday, Sept 29, Dow 18143 (down 196), S+P  2151 (down 20).

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