Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Banting Diet

This is the original low-carb diet, by William Banting (1796-1878).

For breakfast, at 9.0 A.M., I take five to six ounces of either beef mutton, kidneys, broiled fish, bacon, or cold meat of any kind except pork or veal; a large cup of tea or coffee (without milk or sugar), a little biscuit, or one ounce of dry toast; making together six ounces solid, nine liquid.
For dinner, at 2.0 P.M., Five or six ounces of any fish except salmon, herrings, or eels, any meat except pork or veal, any vegetable except potato, parsnip, beetroot, turnip, or carrot, one ounce of dry toast, fruit out of a pudding not sweetened any kind of poultry or game, and two or three glasses of good claret, sherry, or Madeira— Champagne, port, and beer forbidden; making together ten to twelve ounces solid, and ten liquid.
For tea, at 6.0 P.M., Two or three ounces of cooked fruit, a rusk or two, and a cup of tea without milk or sugar; making two to four ounces solid, nine liquid.
For supper, at 9.0 P.M. Three or four ounces of meat or fish, similar to dinner, with a glass or two of claret or sherry and water; making four ounces solid and seven liquid.
For nightcap, if required, A tumbler of grog—(gin, whisky, or brandy, without sugar)—or a glass or two of claret or sherry.

Source:  http://www.lowcarb.ca/corpulence/corpulence_9.html

I am very intrigued.  Mr Banting lost 50 lbs on it over the course of a year.  Note that he does eat some carbs (biscuit or toast for breakfast, vegetables and toast and alcohol for dinner, fruit and rusk (biscuit) for tea, alcohol for supper and nightcap.  He evidently was a heavy drinker.  He cuts out most sugar, starch, beer, milk, and butter.  His supper seems very sparse, with only meat and wine.   I may try a modified version of it.

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