Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Drinking Man's Diet

This is another low-carb diet that predates Atkins and also involves lots of alcohol. It was written by Robert Cameron in 1964.  It is one that Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin might have been on. Sample menu:

• Breakfast: Ham or 2 slices of bacon, a fried or boiled egg, coffee or tea, ¼ of cantaloupe or 4 ounces of tomato juice.
• Lunch: Broiled fish, steak, or chicken, a dry martini or whisky with soda, green beans or asparagus, lettuce and tomato salad, coffee or tea, and 2 glasses of dry wine.
• Dinner: Coffee or tea, shrimp cocktail, martini or highballs, 2 stalks of celery stuffed with pate, greens beans, 1 cup of Brussel sprouts, a half cup of cauliflower, 2 glasses of dry wine, ½ an avocado with French dressing, cheese: Swiss, cheddar, camembert, or Roquefort, and a serving of lamb, pork, beef, or veal chicken.
Source: http://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/the-drinking-mans-diet/

It was very popular in the 1960's and sold 2.4 million copies.  Note that it bans beer, which is much higher in carbs than stronger drinks (rum, whisky, gin, vodka, brandy, etc).

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