Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Proposed Subway Diet

It is very hard to do a diet at Subway, because they have so much bread and because of the discount for getting a footlong. And because their salads are so bad and overpriced.  (Note that I consider that a footlong to be the equivalent to 4 slices of bread).  But here is an attempt:

Breakfast:  Either skip and just have a slice of bread with protein and cheese, or have a footlong egg and cheese and throw away 3/4ths of the bread (or save it for later).  (Footlong with 1/4 bread is about 600 calories).

Lunch:  order a 6-inch from the fresh-fit menu and eat only 1/2 the bread (Fresh fit, six inch with 1/2 bread is about 250 calories).    Or if you had a small breakfast, have a footlong and throw away 3/4ths of the bread.    No chips.

Snack:  Eat some bread that you saved from before.

Dinner:  Order a footlong and only eat 1/4 the bread. Don't order the tuna, because it has way too much mayo in it. Add chips and a diet soda.

After-dinner treat:  more bread (sorry that's what you get if you choose this). Or maybe a cookie instead.

I would be willing to try it and see if it works.

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