Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Proposed modification of the Military Diet

I have tried the military diet three times and failed each time and didn't experience weight loss.  There are some things I like about it though.  I think it could be changed slightly and used for long-term weight loss.  Here is what I would change.  I would make a standard breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and allow for modifications.

Breakfast should be one slice of toast plus a protein (peanut butter, egg, or small amount of meat) and some cheese or butter.  I'm not a fan of fruit for breakfast, but in small amounts it is ok. And of course coffee or tea if desired.

Lunch should be one slice of toast or equivalent in crackers plus tuna (or equivalent cottage cheese).  Day 3 doesn't have enough food for lunch.  I like tuna every day for lunch.

Snack ("tea") should be a small fruit (apple, banana, grapefruit) with possibly some additional carbs (cookie or biscuit).  This can be combined with dinner.

Dinner should be simple.  Meat (hot dogs, small steak, hamburger, chicken breast, etc., as much as 8 oz if desired), and veggies - green beans, broccoli, salad, etc.  No bread or pasta or potatoes.

After-dinner treat:  small ice cream, glass of wine, or yogurt.  Can be combined with dinner.

I think this could be followed long-term, and even with adding a little more to it, it is still less than 1500 calories.

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